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It’s an exciting time for Nintendo.  As some may or may not know, Nintendo is breaking into the Mobile gaming industry and they launched Fire Emblem Heroes for the ios and Android system on February 2, 2017, making it their

When it was introduced back in 2012, The Walking Dead Telltale series ushered in a new era of series from the adventure game developer. Containing some of the most genuinely emotional moments in gaming that year, it set a very

Why waste your time at work when you can enjoy wasting your time at home as well? That seems to be what the folks at Microsoft are asking by bringing their Microsoft Solitaire Collection to iOS and Android devices. The free game is available now in all the usual places.

Nintendo has cut the price of their hand-held gaming 3DS system for Black Friday. Beginning that day, a special edition model, available in black or white, will be on sale for $99.99.

Revolutionizing local multiplayer by allowing smartphones to be used as controllers, The Jackbox Party Pack has been a staple for nearly every party I've thrown since it came out. None of the collections had been perfect yet though, as there

Just in time for Halloween, the mobile game Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare is available today on the Android platform.

When I was a kid, we'd play crazy games of Monopoly. Friends would bring their sets and we'd combine them: unlimited money, unlimited house and hotels, extra Chance and Community Chest cards, players using multiple Race Cars as tokens. Just crazy.

Since its inception, Kingston Technology's HyperX brand has become a staple of great headsets for affordable prices. Their CLOUD series, which can range between $90-$150, delivers a level of comfort and mic clarity that is usually saved for the $300

And in a blink of an eye, it was over. As soon as my brain told me it was time to take a break from River City: Tokyo Rumble, I was met with the game's end credits. My eyes went

With the World Serirace starting, the college and pro football seasons in full force and a U.S. presidential vote coming up, it's natural to be thinking in terms of winners and losers.