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Apple is known to make a big splash during their special events. The company strives to present the public with the need-to-know business updates and, of course, the current buzz surrounding their latest technological advances. The tech juggernaut has a

When playing something like The Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy, we tend to overlook the little people of these worlds that help to push the heroes onto their journey. What of these non-playable characters that do their day-to-day tasks

Square Enix recently released new screenshots for World Of Final Fantasy, showcasing the gorgeous environments, labyrinthine dungeons, legendary characters and various Mirages (monsters) in the world of Grymoire.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, the twin-stick arcade shooter, will be getting a Zombie Campaign DLC pack starting Sept. 27.

Raid Master, a new classic-style, turn-based RPG game, has already launched for Android, with a version for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch coming in September.

You and Phoenix Wright go back to court Sept. 8 with the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. For those wanting a preview of the upcoming drama, a free demo is available to download for all consumers on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS today.

Considering the events of the 20th century, these are three fightening words to read in a press release: ancient Germanic future.

Some of the favorite characters from the current lineup of Cartoon Network shows are featured in the network's upcoming Battle Crashers game, a side-scroller for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS that will be released in November.

As a role playing game, Age of Wushu Dynasty is trying to go outside the box. The video game has a new update, called Master Tamer, and the players are asked to take the name literally. According to the press release, one of the new features to the update is this one: "New combat pets now available - tame and fight alongside them in battle."

See that blonde standing in front of those meat cases in the graphic above? A little incongruous, isn't it? That's probably not the intention, of course, but it is the reality of a video game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as the Macintosh.