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If you want scif-fi action or extreme sports action, I've got you covered. Let's check out 2 demos available on the PlayStation Network:

Lost Planet 2

Ahhh! It's time to hop in a VS suit and gun down some fools!

Ok, so it's not news, but the new trailer "Birth of a Spartan" for Microsoft's Halo: Reach game is just sexy to look at. Don't believe me, hit the jump and look at it for yourself.

Well, it’s official, there is going to be a Little Big Planet 2.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how this game was going to be possible, but after seeing the reveal trailer I am a true believer.  It looks to offer up not only a better way to craft many different genre of games, but a way to string them all together into a full-sized lump of craziness.

The magazine US News and World Report has put up a poll asking about the selling of video games to children. Take a good look at the article, and if you feel like it, make your voice heard.

We all know that Ezio is a badass. By now you should know that Assasin's Creed 2 is WAAAAAY better AC1, so if you haven't already run through the past/future puncturing skulls along the way on a console Ubisoft has a new reason to give it a go on your PC.

Razer is sending out a challenge to anyone who dares to call themselves a professional DotA team. They are hosting what claims to be the largest DotA tournament in the history of the game, and with spots enough for 1,024 teams (that’s 5,120 players), that claim may stand. The prize pool of $30,000 dollars is going to be spread among the top 64 teams in the tournament but only the top 4 will receive the prize of 5 Razer Carcharias headsets each.

The summer movie season is starting and with it we can expect many video games based on these blockbusters.  While movies like Iron Man 2 and Alice in Wonderland are churning out games based on the exact story of the film, there seems to be a different trend going on that may actually be working.  Instead of making a game based closely on the movie that just came out, make one in the same universe and have it be awesome.

prince of persia: forgotten sands

It's time for the MMORPG to get a kick in its ass, and I still believe that APB will be the one to be attached to those steel tipped boots of innovation.

Everyone’s favorite man in the glowing iron mask is coming back in Dead Space 2 and now  there’s a video to prove it.  The first official trailer for the game is on EA’s website and I could not be more excited.