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Your hand is just the first thing you get to lose in the Resident Evil 7 video game. If you don't watch out, you're going to lose a lot more.

Technically, human beings don't have nerve endings in their brain, so it's not actually possible to feel pain up there, but that's not how Ninja and Panda feel right now.

Nintendo keeps slipping away from what made us their biggest fans so many years ago. Either that, or we're just getting old.

It's not just because they're hungry, but the Sistahs certainly have food on the mind in this week's episode. So the word "steak" in the headline is no misspelling. You'll find the refernence to steak in the first few minutes.

It took a whole year, but the majority of us have survived 2016. We mihght look a little battle weary, but we did survive.

If the New York Times promises all the news that's fit to print, then our weekly podcast makes a promise, too: All the stuff that fits.

The game The Last Guardian has gotten some unfortunate press since its introduction, but NinJaSistah finds that a little unfair. While some players find the game a little unresponsive, Ninja says it's not the game's fault.

A flying cat-bird with the face of a dog brings all the humanity needed in the video game The Last Guardian, and that's what turned the tide for NinJaSistah.

This week's entire show was recorded live during this year's Game Awards Show in L.A. Because the girls were seated comfortably on Ninja's couch, no jet lag was suffered in the making of this podcast.

It's after Thanksgiving and if you haven't purchased gifts for all your loved ones already, you're in the same boat the Sistahs find themselves in.