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Now let me get this straight -- last week was Episode 502 and this week is Episode 496? What kind of crazy number line are we using?

It's the dog days of summer and we're feeling doggy as well, just playing the usual video games and watching the usual anime.

Love it or hate it, Suicide Squad is the major topic of discussion on this week's podcast. Now that both of the Sistahs have seen the film, it is ripe for dissection.

The Sistahs bare it all in this grand celebration of a podcast -- the 500th show since beginning the thing way back in 2006.

It's an old adage that if you want to fix something, you'll have to start from the beginning. That's what NinJaSistah learned (again) while trying to prepare for this week's podcast.

This is the year of the R-rated movie. It all started with Deadpool in February. When the next big comic book movie came along, Batman vs. Superman, it was a flop and many blamed the fact that it wasn't R-rated, so we're afraid we're liable to see a lot of R-rated movies on superhero subjects in the months to come.

When life gets in the way, that means it's time for a clip show. And that's exactly what you get again this week.

Given that it's the Dog Days of Summer, it's relevant that we do a clip show featuring a topic we've mentioned frequently: The high price of hot dogs.

This week's podcast is for all the seekers out there -- even the ones who think they've been here before.

What exactly makes NinJaSistah squee? She'll let you know in this week's electricsistahood podcast. And you won't readily forget it.