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It's getting perilously close to the holiday shopping season, and Ninja is already frightened of all that space she has left over in her pocket book. What was once green is now bare.

If there's one thing Panda prides herself on, it's her reputation as a completionist. In most every game she plays, she's the one who can be depended upon to collect every trinket that comes her way. Just don't depend on her doing that very quickly, though.

We designed this week's podcast as one that you can both see and hear -- at least, that's the plan. As you will hear, we spend the entire show playing the early stages of the video game Overcooked. And, with any luck, you'll be able to see us play it on our You Tube channel.

With a name like "Let's Meat Adam" -- and that spelling of "meat" is not a misprint -- Panda is mindful of the misfortune that just might occur in the game.

As any longtime listener of this podcast knows, the Sistahs are big fans of Astro Gaming. Astro has always made gaming headsets we simply love -- and we've expressed that love dozens of times on the show. But, as things must,

Questionable content is always the hallmark of anime, and that continues to be true with an anime-style game Pandalicious discusses in this week's new podcast.

You could say this is a show full of Blerd Lines. The black nerd comes out of Ninjah and Panda full force in this week's podcast.

It's not enough to simply go to a movie anymore. Now you get to pick from many poisons. It's not just a matter of blank-and-white or color, silent or sound or anything simple like that. Nowadays you get multiple dimensions, seats that recline or move, things that spray in your face.

Once upon a time, Ninja was addicted to a video game called Destiny. Now Destiny is back in its second version, and Ninja finds herself the sadder, but wiser girl.

We pose a valid question in this week's show. How, exactly, are they able to make scary scarier? Of course, we don't answer the question -- we're leaving that all up to you.