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Life returns to normal around the ESH hacienda this week. Ninja and Panda have returned from The Wedding To End All Weddings, everybody's gotten sick and well again and we still have a weeks before the Easter hijinks that normally occur around here.

We were a little busy this past weekend -- Panda got married and Ninja was in the wedding party. So there won't be a new show this week.

We've seen a lot of complaints about recently released video games and anime, and we'd just like to say that while we understand the complaints, they aren't completely justified.

For most podcast recordings, NinJaSistah and Pandalicious are not in the same room. Ninja is typically bundled up on the cold second floor of her house, while Panda is sitting in her den, usually with her cat, trying to keep it from making a ruckus during the show.

The big PAX East event was in Boston this past weekend and our feet are still reminding us of it.

We don't do this often, but we're taking off a week. Ninja's just returned from a week on the West Coast and Panda's been attending to some pre-nuptial details and the time just got away from both of us.

So this past weekend, Ninja was visiting her MVP pals at Microsoft and Pandalicious was busy preparing for her impending nuptials (T-minus one month). As a result, you are rewarded with a clip show.

Before you start laughing at this week's podcast title, it turns out we've been beaten to the punch. No fewer than three internet websites have already featured this joke as the headline for stories about the video game called Thumper.

There will be 15,000 more people at June's big E3 bash than were expected. That's because the show's promoters are letting in some paying customers. And there are some people who have become a little upset.

If this was 1950s Hollywood, we'd be proclaiming this week's show with a huge banner: More Than 10 Years in the Making!