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Anyone who has listened to us for the last 10 years knows incest is one of our least favorite things. As a result, we talk about it on the show this week.

We weren't personally in L.A. this week for the big E3 Conference, but we were there in spirit.

The Sistahs have been doing their podcast for 10 years, and not uncoincidentally, they've been complaining about E3 for 10 years. And the streak continues. Neither of them even got to go to E3 this year, the first time they've both

How would you pronounce the word "visage?"

By NinJaSistah and Pandalicious

No movie seems to escape Panda's wrath. After tearing Superman v. Batman a few weeks ago, she does te same thing to the new X-Men: Apocalypse film during this week's ESH podcast. So please be forewarned: If you intend on seeing the movie, but haven't yet, you shouldn't listen to this week's show. In fact, you should probably stop reading this story.

If you haven't seen Civil War yet, you're not worried about the thing

The Sistahs open the show with a plaintive warning: There will be spoilers about the Captain America: Civil War movie. But face it, it's been out three weeks and if you haven't seen it by now, you just don't care.

There's a spoiler alert you need to know about

Nobody's happier than Pandalicious with the prospect of Resident Evil returning to its roots. She looks forward to nightmare-inducing evil (and fun) the game once provided.

One thing's not a spoiler: Disney's out of the gaming biz

We'll go ahead and warn you right off the top: There will be an in-depth discussion of Uncharted 4 in this episode.

The Sistahs take a week off, so you get to listen to 10 years of them squaring off against each other. Oh, they don't ever come to blows, but you'll certainly hear them making plenty of idle threats in the course of the show.

The Sistahs discuss Nintendo NX and the anime "The Lost Village" If you've ever watched the proceedings at any of the press conferences at a show like E3, you know the feeling. One of the big companies promoting a new video

The gang's all here for the annual ESH Rpundtable

NinJaSistah and Pandalicious are joined by a whole host of characters in this year's reprise of the annual PAX East Roundtable.