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Downloadable games always seem like they can be either very promising or an underdeveloped mess.  While at E3, I stopped by to see the good folks at Square Enix and got some hands-on time with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.  Much to my delight, it’s looking like Lara’s latest adventure, though not a part of the main story, is going to be one co-op isometric-camera action title you won’t want to miss.

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I walked onto the show floor for the first time ever and in an excited fervor, I head to the very first open controller I can find.  It just so happened that the game I grabbed was none other than Saw 2: Flesh and Blood.  Now, while I’m certainly not an apologist for the movie series, I very recently played through the first game and was eager to see what was different about the new game.  As it turns out, they’ve taken the original and put it under a microscope to see how they can make it a better experience.

At the end of the Nintendo media briefing, they allowed us to take a second to get our hands on their amazing new handheld system.  While what I was was characters doing short animations on the 3D screen, I was still quite impressed.  Nothing could have prepared me, however, for what I would see when I got to the front of the line visiting Nintendo’s booth on the show floor.  Stepping up onto the platform where they had a line of 3DS demos running, I thought I may be seeing the same demo I saw before, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

With all of this E3 news buzzing around it’s hard to talk about anything else. Obviously a lot of companies put a lot of work into getting demos and trailers ready for this huge convention. Motion controls were the big topic, and they’re definitely improving. But with the gaming community being so competitive, I’m sure the one thing gamers everywhere are wondering is who won?

Oh boy, am I behind on demos. You'd be surprised how fast an 80GB hard drive ca fill up. Luckily I have this beauty on my PS3: Modnation Racers. Who needs another cart racer? Well, maybe me! This game had me at

Well, it’s official.  If your head explodes, then a new one will instantly grow in its place so that it may also explode.  I discovered this great scientific fact this morning at the Nintendo Media Briefing.  They have shown this year that not only are they dedicated to bringing gaming to everyone, but also keeping it awesome for those of us that have been enjoying it for a while now.

Who's ready to play some APB? APB is close to launch, and a few players have been given the "Keys to the city," allowed to download a build of APB before the general public can paw all over it. [caption id="attachment_1727"

If you’ve been wondering what you’ll get in game when you pre-order the new Fallout from certain retailers, then I’ve got the info you’ve been searching for.

So I went on the ol' PSN the other day, and I saw the demo for Green Day Rock Band.

So here I am opening up the game once I downloaded it

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Sub Zero Wins?"][/caption] Mortal Kombat has seized control of Earth with the new viral video of a re-imagined MK world. We are introduced to this "realistic" take on Mortal Kombat by Jackson Briggs: y'all know him as