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Leave it to the Belgians to create a movie with a random chain of events, ending with one hilarious conclusion. Such is the case of the 2009 animated film A Town Called Panic.

The anime world is finally showing its big guns this year, thanks in part to the new supernatural series Occult Academy. Somewhere in this country Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are smiling...

When a series features the biggest asshole of a Santa Claus in the first episode, viewers will know that they are in for a big treat. Such is the case of Hayate the Combat Butler, a real comedy pearl if there ever was one.

It's been a long time since I watched an anime series that wasn't just good, but a thrill to watch. The vast amounts of moé-laden anime series has just about made me give up on the Japanese TV animation scene. Fortunately a light at the end of the tunnel has appeared, in the form of Durarara!!

It's wet. Dark and wet. The kind of weather that penetrates. Makes your skin feel itchy and oily. Dirty kinda, but real, too. That's good. It's time for Cheers. Sam and Diane. Norm Peterson and the Coach. And then after he died, Woody. I don't have a TV now, but that's okay. The shows in my mind are almost always better.

“Epic” is not a word often used to describe TV-based books. However, in the case of The Mighty Book of Boosh, it’s the only word in the English dictionary to rightfully label it.

In 1994 Hiroaki Samura introduced the world to Mugen no Jūnin, better known in America as Blade of the Immortal. It would receive critical acclaim and multiple awards, including the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award in 2000 for Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material. Fourteen years after its debut Bee Train and Production I.G. adapted it into an anime, coming to our shores via Media Blasters.

I went and saw Iron Man 2 last night, and it got me thinking about sequels and how they're named.

As a fairly recent adaptor of the Nintendo DSi XL, I hadn’t been too impressed with what had been released via their online distribution system, until I got my mitts on Photo Dojo.  The game with the aforementioned name is a fighting game made by Nintendo and is currently being offered for free on the DSi Store.  While it will eventually be going up to 200 DSi points on June 11th, it is worth every penny now and will be worth every penny then.

I grow weary of anime companies adapting H-games. It seems like every year some egghead in some anime production studio will take a "popular" porn game and somehow make a 12-13 episode series out of it. Some do it right, and others do it so wrong that it bears to never mention them again. Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity, however, seems to fall in-between these two categories.