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I'M NOT A SPORTS GUY! OK, so it's been nearly a month since a PS3 demo has been released on the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately for me, there is only one demo to play this week, and it's a sports game. Since

One of the main highlights at this year's Anime Boston came in the form of the Boston-based Video Game Orchestra. Led by conductor Yohei Sato and founder/guitarist Shota Nakama the 100-piece orchestra (with accompanying guitarists, a drummer, a percussionist and an occasional 40-person chorus) led both video game fans and otaku into an amazing journey through every era of video game soundtracks. Keith Lockhart: meet your competition!

In the 1990s MTV had two well-known things: music videos and kick-ass cartoons. (Okay, three if you count when The Real World was actually good!) In 1994 Music Television hit its animated peak with MTV's Oddities, which showcased two incredibly original series: The Head and The Maxx. Thanks to Amazon's DVD-On Demand service both shows are now available in their entirety exclusively via their website. This week we will focus on the first Oddities cartoon The Head.

Welcome to the show!

I am playing baseball. Again. You know what, though? I don't hate it! In fact, I think this is better than the other baseball demo I played last week.

Have you ever wanted to live the Platinum Life? If hang around on Facebook for long enough, you've probably gotten caught up in playing one of those in-browser games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, or all that other stuff. For me, playing

For the first week of march we have Baseball, bike racing and- extreme ass-kicking? I guess there's not really a theme here.

So, here is my first good demo, the aforementioned Just Cause 2

"Alright, we get it. Let's move on with the demo!"

I must've woken up in Bizarro World; that's the only explanation. Here I am watching a Yuri anime comedy that not only isn't perverted, but it contains an actual plot?! AND IT'S GOOD?! Yes, boys and girls, miracles can happen, and 2009's Sasameki Koto is surely one of them.

When Pandalicious, Nenya and I went and saw Amanda Palmer perform with the Boston Pops this past New Year's Eve, we headed on over to the bar for some drinks. To our surprise we discovered an up-and-coming ragtime band by the name of April Smith and the Great Picture Show performing in-between Symphony Hall's two bars. After I downed an Appletini I went and pre-ordered their upcoming album Songs For A Sinking Ship, which arrived at my doorstep this past week.

A few weeks ago I got to spend some quality time with a new microphone from Blue Microphones called the Yeti. If you getting into recording live audio or podcasts and you aren't aware of Blue Microphones' products you really should read the rest of this article.

I grew up loving audio. My uncle was a DJ and had the most amazing vinyl collection I had ever seen in my life. My dad was a huge tech fan, especially when it came to speakers so monkeying around with turntables, speakers and microphones was second nature to me by the time I was 12. When I stop to think about it, the fact that I have ended up in working in the IT industry and host an internet audio show should come as no surprise to anyone including myself. But back to the topic at hand, the Yeti.

The first full Monday after the CES recovery week brings with it a new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast and this one is focused on Platinum Games new title release Bayonetta.