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Whenever the big video games as art debate is brought up, there are a number games that are mentioned. Now, in one convenient package, you can pick up both of the titles that are always mentioned. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection combines these two PS2 classics, both of which are among my personal favorites, and upscales them to your HD television. Did Team Ico do an admirable job of bringing these iconic titles to high definition, or are they a simple port of the games you played last generation?

Last year's Split/Second was one of the most exciting racing games to come out in years, so it's no surprise that many developers would want to imitate the insanity that Black Rock Studios brought to the racer. Who would've guessed, however, that the MotorStorm series would be one of those to rip a page out of their books? Here we are, then, with MotorStorm: Apocalypse, a racing title that knows how to make players sit on the edge of their seats.

There is a video game series, one of my personal favorites, that is also quite dangerous.  The danger lies in the fact that if I sit down and start a session with with one of the games, I tend to play until I beat it.  When I noticed last week that Resident Evil 4 HD was on sale for half off, if you have Playstation Plus, and I picked it up, this very phenomenon occurred.  I now own this game three times and I’m okay with it.

Looking back on the Nintendo 64, there are quite a few games that stand out as becoming instant classics that are beloved even today.  I don’t need to tell you that Star Fox 64 is one of those games.  It was the game that was prepackaged with the rumble pack, now a standard feature in most controllers, and it featured a fully-voiced script.  So, when Nintendo announced the two N64 games that were getting remade for the 3DS, I couldn’t have been happier about their choices, but how does the game hold up and how good of a job did they do with the remake?

A new week, a new ESH Podcast Episode. This week the ladies talk zombies and statutory vampire rape with their takes on Deep Silver's action-survival-horror-RPG Dead Island and FUNimation's Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Here are the facts: Black Dynamite is one of the greatest movies of our time; Black Dynamite once killed Chuck Norris and brought him back to life, just to make a point; Black Dynamite once stood toe-to-toe with The Man, with The Man backing away for fear of his own well-being. After watching the pilot we might have to add one more fact: Black Dynamite might be the best movie-based cartoon since The Real Ghostbusters.

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most imagined and re-imagined stories ever told.  Some are charming and others are deeply disturbing, but none have ever been as gritty and violent as American McGee’s Alice.  Since the story is often seen as an innocent tale of imagination, it was refreshing to see it from the viewpoint of insanity.  Eleven years later, a sequel comes out to refresh us once again.  Alice: Madness Returns is definitely the follow-up to its counterpart from 2000, but does it live up to what it did for the story and, possibly even more important, is it any fun?

Last December, I forked out twenty big ones to Telltale Games with the promise that I would be getting treated to a new adventure in the Back to the Future universe.  Eight months later, the series of episodes promised me have come to an end.  As an avid fan of the movie trilogy I was terrified that this game would tarnish the good name of the franchise, but ever hopeful that it would live up to it.  I’m glad to say that as the credits rolled, I thought truly felt as though I had just finished watching Back to the Future: Part 4.