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...and she's sad to report that she couldn't get an exact figure on the % of wub wub

20120406-135833.jpgIt should be no surprise that Rockstar Games is focused on introducing (and re-introducing) the Max Payne franchise to gamers new and old. What is surprising – at least to me – is that part of the Payne universe is extending to mobile.

20120406-113702.jpgDay one of my PAX East experience started with Agnieszka Szóstak, the Marketing Specialist for CD Projekt RED...the fine folks behind The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

Video games as art has been a debate for quite a while now.  While the arguments for each side could be never-ending, the arguments of those who consider games as art has recently gotten a little stronger.  Currently in the National Gallery of Art is an exhibit dedicated to the art of video games.  At first thought, you might assume the exhibit is nothing but a grouping of framed concept art for a few games, but what you'll find upon entering is a well thought out exhibit filled with every aspect of how a game could be considered as art.

One of favorite things about the Nintendo 3DS, right out of the box, were all of the augmented reality games that were included.  Save for a few examples here and there, the AR possibilities for the 3DS have been woefully underused.  With Kid Icarus: Uprising coming to the US next friday, Nintendo is going to rectify this using the AR Idol Cards battle system.