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Want to see E3 through the sistahs eyes? well you don't have to wait anymore!

In less than 3 days, I will be on a plane kicking myself for forgetting about that stupid adapter I left on my kitchen table (you know, the one that I really needed to bring with me) as jump on a flight to LA to attend E3 2012. A bunch of the Team ESH team members will meet me there and we'll compare notes on who is going to go see what during the show, and what we are really excited to see.

So, I started working on my "What I really want to see" E3 list.

Coming Soon: 2012 E3 Media Briefings

Every so often team ESH has the pleasure of attending events in person, and this year 4 members of the crew will be descending on LA next week to bring you all the video game news, previews, and hands-on recaps than you can shake a stick at. (Why you'd want to shake a stick at news, reviews and recaps I don't know, but hey...this is a judgement free zone.

Even the sistahs take time out of their everyday to reflect and remember

Game developer Naughty Dog has been delighting us for years now with the amazing Uncharted series for the PS3.  When they announced a new IP, the bar was instantly set ridiculously high.  From what they’ve shown us thus far, it looks as though they won’t meet those expectations with their new title The Last of Us.  They will instead, yawn as they soar over those lofty expectations with their amazing-looking new game.

Certified Geek gets a new mouse! Will he like it? Or is it a miniature Deceptacon programed to destroy the human race one mouse hand at a time?

The last SPEC OPS title I touched was actually on my SEGA Dreamcast back in 2000, so when I first heard that 2K Games was working on a new entry to the franchise, I honestly didn't pay much attention. Then I thought about how much I had been enjoying 3rd person shooters of late and decided to give this new outting, SPEC OPS: The Line a second look.