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For nearly two months XSEED Games and Tamsoft's Senran Kagura: Estival Versus has been taking up most of my free time, as I fought through waves of ninjas, battled online with friends, made my way through the story mode, and

Party Hard started its life out as a quick game jam project, where in a just a day or so Pinokl Games concocted the concept of a man laying waste to a loud party next door. After loads of positive

The illusion of choice is something all of the recent Telltale games have been playing with for quite some time now. Guiding these characters through harrowing events, it often feels as though they've made it through only by your wise

Continuing its tenure as the most diverse episodic adventure game currently on the market, King's Quest has shaken up the formula yet again for episode three. Favoring relationships over exploration, Once Upon a Climb tasks a newly buff King Graham

After watching my character die for the hundredth time in Enter the Gungeon, I found myself backed into a corner. Seven hours into this game, and I was still stuck in the first area. Did I just suck at it,

A new week, a new frESHlook featuring new takes on some old favorites like the Homefront and Shin Megami Tensei franchises.

Here I am once again in a dark room, I thought to myself. The computer staring back at me had the sequel to a familiar game on its bright screen: Red Barrels' Outlast II. I remembered when I demoed the first game

You win, Love Live! After spending most of my time avoiding many of the pop idol groups that flood the Japanese market, I realize now that my mentality towards this sub genre has not only been immature, it's been downright

One of the most stylish adventure games has returned for its second episode and falls just short of a perfect blend of story and action. This second installment of the noir adventure Blues and Bullets picks up right where the

Do you know what the key to creating a fun shooter is? Making interesting guns. You know, like Ratchet and Clank, filled with its silly and inventive gadgets and gizmos. After you create neat guns, the you, well, have