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Do you know what the key to creating a fun shooter is? Making interesting guns. You know, like Ratchet and Clank, filled with its silly and inventive gadgets and gizmos. After you create neat guns, the you, well, have

Middle chapters in any series run the risk of calming down a little too much and losing focus. The second episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne, entitled Give No Shelter, avoids these problems by ramping the action up even higher

It's been three months since Jesse and his friends defeated the Wither Storm, leading the world of Minecraft: Story Mode back to its peaceful days. It had its ups, and it certainly had its downs, but in the end the

Audio logs can be a great way to fit some extra narrative content into any video game, but it seems like the use of this mechanism has been in decline lately. This is a problem that République has aimed to

It takes a lot of ingenuity for a video game to really think outside the box. Video games have advanced so much in the last few decades that to see a game that feels really unique, is quite refreshing. In Epistory

So it’s no secret that I’ve been incredibly skeptical of the Batman v Superman movie for awhile now. The casting, the mish-mosh of characters, and the twisting of story-arcs led me down a very narrow tunnel where I couldn’t see any

As a lover of the theater realm, I can be a bit of a sucker when the stage invades the video game scene. Whether it was Super Mario Bros. 3, Puppeteer, or the musical scene in Saints Row: Gat Out

Puzzle enthusiasts have recently been treated to a plethora of real life escape rooms meant to test their problem-solving prowess. Video games have been exploring this concept for a while, but the timeliness of the release of the first-person exploration

Tom Clancy's The Division is more than just a third person shooter. The Division is a loot-based shooter with RPG and tactical elements. The game can be played solo or with a squad of up to 4 players. You can

Although it is a weak season, the anime that do shine this winter are shining very brightly. In fact, there is one show that may stand as one of the all-time great anime! Don't believe me? Read on, and let me convince you.

Sadly Absent

Aijin: Demi-human


Netflix snagged Aijin as an exclusive for their streaming service, so it's only available to those who can't wait for legal streaming. The bonus for waiting so long for  Aijin is that it will be available in the original Japanese and an English dub. I know nothing more about Ajin than the trailer I have seen, but the hype is positive for it. I'll definitely talk about it if it lives up to the buzz.

The Runners-up


BBK/BRNK (Bubbuki Buranki)


3D CG has come a long, long way. At a certain point in anime's history. anime fans wouldn't even spit in the general direction of a CG show. Now, they look very impressive. Bubuki Buranki (BBK/BRNK) is an action show that just happens to be full CG. BBK/BRNK is about a family that is separated because of the powerful mecha known as Burakni. We meet the main character as a child, and years later, he is part of a team who wield Bubuki, which are parts of a Buranki. This does not rank in the best of winter 2016 because its most impressive in action, but not compelling in other respects.

Dagashi Kashi


This is a weird show. Very weird. Dagashi Kashi is about a sweets shop in Japan. Kokonotsu (AKA "Coconuts") Shikada is the son of the owner, Dagashi, and his father wants him to take over the family business. Then comes Hotaru. Hotaru wants Dagashi to come work for her father, but Kokonotsu has to take over the shop. This is how the weirdness begins. Hotaru, ample chested, is also incredibly well-versed in Japanese sweets, so she goes on rants about every single item in the shop. That's it. That's what this show is. I like it only because it's so uniquely odd.