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No Game No Life follows Sora and his stepsister Shiro, who are better known under their moniker "Blank," the best gamer duo on the planet. After being undefeated at just about everything under the sun, a mysterious challenge appears to them for a game

These days card games have become more fun and mainstream, thanks to the likes of Cards Against Humanity, Munchkin, and Apples to Apples. However it's when you get to hone some improv skills when the card game genre enters a

After a young child unlocks a friendly ghost creature, they becomes entrusted with a special watch that helps him seek out mischievous spirits known as Yo-Kai. Once he battles Yo-Kai he can befriend them and use them to take on

I had a soft spot for the MX vs ATV series back in the day, as it was the kind of racer that would get all my friends excited to compete with one another. With the closing of THQ it

We have reached the halfway point of Minecraft: Story Mode, a Telltale Games series that started off brilliantly, only to have it tarnished with a seemingly-rushed second episode. Now a month later we have been delivered the next chapter in

When playing video games, we are taught that the object of a game is to not win, but to survive. Sure, it's best to have many victories under your best during a run-through, but in the end what matters most

I used to be surprised when Yuji Naka's name wasn't placed in the same ranks of Miyamoto, Kojima, and Igarashi. After all Naka's the same person responsible for the SEGA's platforming glory days, bringing forth such memorable titles as Ghouls

Autobots and Decepticons spent quite a bit of time battling it out on my playroom floor when I was young. They were some of the coolest toys around back then and I still consider The Transformers: The Movie, the animated one not the Michael Bay joint, to be one of my favorite animated films. Thus, when I heard that PlatinumGames, the team behind games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, were putting together a Transformers game, my interest was piqued in a big way. The end result, Transformers: Devastation, is the Transformers power fantasy my childhood self has been waiting for all this time.


On the surface there doesn't seem to be anything appealing about The Rivers of Alice, which recently got an Extended Version released on the Wii U. In fact I wouldn't blame you if you became disinterested in a game featuring