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I bet you thought I was gonna share a picture of me making a weird face.

Best Buy Co, Inc.


Certified Geek gets a new mouse! Will he like it? Or is it a miniature Deceptacon programed to destroy the human race one mouse hand at a time?

The last SPEC OPS title I touched was actually on my SEGA Dreamcast back in 2000, so when I first heard that 2K Games was working on a new entry to the franchise, I honestly didn't pay much attention. Then I thought about how much I had been enjoying 3rd person shooters of late and decided to give this new outting, SPEC OPS: The Line a second look.

...and she's sad to report that she couldn't get an exact figure on the % of wub wub

20120406-135833.jpgIt should be no surprise that Rockstar Games is focused on introducing (and re-introducing) the Max Payne franchise to gamers new and old. What is surprising – at least to me – is that part of the Payne universe is extending to mobile.

20120406-113702.jpgDay one of my PAX East experience started with Agnieszka Szóstak, the Marketing Specialist for CD Projekt RED...the fine folks behind The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition