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The visual novel genre constantly walks a very fine line of focusing on story and gameplay. Rightly, since the genre is mostly about telling a good story, some of them make that the focus in games like 9 Hours 9

Tales from the Borderlands has been nothing but a solid blast to play through. With barely any faults in its gameplay and storytelling the first four episodes of (hopefully) Season One have shown that Telltale Games can take another game

Let me be completely honest with you readers before we begin: as much as I've tried, I've never really gotten into Minecraft. While I do understand that it's a huge cultural and gaming phenomenon -- with cons, merch, and even

Local multiplayer can be a tricky thing to set up with a group of friends. With things like a lack of controllers and inexperience holding some players back, the fun of playing games with your friends in the room has

The Talos Principle It says a lot about The Talos Principle when the puzzles are less mind-blowing than the narrative peppered throughout the game. This is not to discount the complexity of the varied puzzles, there are many that tested my

How interesting is it that the best licensed-based Japanese fighting games tend to feature some of the least-likely characters to be even considered worthy for battle? Two years ago we were given the well-crafted Aquapazza, which contained people from various

The Disgaea series has always been two things: really funny and really hard. Filled with colorful characters with violent personalities and some of the most nail-biting tactical RPG fights that'd even make a certain Final Fantasy spinoff wince with worry,

It seems as though no genre of game is too sacred for the investigation team of Persona 4 to break into. As the series has become more popular, they’ve broken out of the RPG mold to include a couple fighting

How do you make a horror game that isn't about the jump scare, that isn't out to frighten you every few minutes. I guess you have to be Albino Lullaby. Albino Lullaby is the digital child of developer Ape Law.

I think that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain might be one of the best games ever made. Hyperbole aside, Kojima has gone out of the franchise with a bang, creating a solid action game with so much replay