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But have no fear, your click is not wasted. You will find our old articles archived here, and new podcast episodes posted here each week.

So welcome to, home of ESH Cast: The ElectricSistaHood Weekly Video Game & Anime Podcast!

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ESH Cast 421: I'm 90 Hours In, and I Haven't Made Any Progress

Or maybe we're just not doing it right...

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ESH Cast #420: I Love It and I Hate It At the Same Time

With a title number like that we JUST couldn't go for the OBVIOUS joke.

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ESH Cast #419: In A World...Where Every Day, Is Taco Tuesday

Mmmm...tacos! Wait, games! This week the girls get back into full swing – so to speak – talking CES...

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ESH Cast #418: This Is All Speculation, Because I Don't Know

Don't be surprised, most of the things we tell you about are PURE SPECULATION!

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ESH CAST # 417: You Didn't Miss It, And Neither Did We

One last clip show for 2014 from us to you!

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ESH Cast #416: Angela Lansbury For The Win!

Don't worry! The sistahs don't spend the whole episode talking about Murder She Wrote. Or do they?!

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ESH Cast # 415: I Warned You I'd Be Talking About Destiny

The Destiny talk is all at the end of the episode though, so you can listen to the majority of...

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ESH CAST #414: I Can't Suspend My Disbelief For a Cockatoo

This weeks episode is for the birds – well– for the human females who have an attraction to males of...

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ESH Cast #413: You Don't Have To Be The Guy in The Commercial

But if you want to you can.

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ESH Cast #412: Magic Is No Substitute for Antibiotics

Bippitty boppitty boo: you still have your flu!

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